アヤゴゼン Aya-Gozen
Artwork with Cubchoo
Gender Female
Relatives Kenshin (brother)
Kingdom Illusio
Specialty {{Ice}}, {{Ghost}}
Default Pokémon Cubchoo



Aya in her first stage.

Aya 2

Aya in her second and final stage.

Aya (Japanese: アヤゴゼン Aya-Gozen) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.

Aya is the older sister of Kenshin. She resides in Illusio. Her best links are Snorunt and Froslass, although she starts off with Cubchoo. She often talks about loving the opposing team, although she shows no unhappiness in defeating them.

Warlord informationEdit

Rank IEdit

Aya Power 39
Wisdom 71
Charisma 75
Total 185
Warrior Skill Sweet Song
Capacity 5
Perfect Links
File:361CFS.png Snorunt

Rank IIEdit

Aya 2 Power 49
Wisdom 81
Charisma 86
Total 216
Warrior Skill Compassion
Capacity 5
Perfect Links
File:361CFS.png Snorunt File:478CFS.png Froslass
  • Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 55% link with Snorunt or Froslass.

Best Link and GoalsEdit

Her best link at Stage 1 is a Snorunt, which can be found in Nixtorm. Her Stage 2 best link is Snorunt and Frosslass, which you have to use a Dawn Stone for. In order to evolve, she has to have a 55% Link with Snorunt or Frosslass.


  • As with a few Warlords at Stage II, she closely resembles Frosslass when she transforms.
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