Nene Pokemon Conquest
Nene's official artwork
Vital statistics
Title Warlord of Viperia
Gender Female
Race N/A
Faction Warlord
Health N/A
Level 10-20
Status Warlord of Viperia, Hideyoshi's wife
Location Viperia
"If everybody doesn't play nice, it's punishment time!"


Nene is a major warlord in Pokemon Conquest. She is best known for being the warlord of Viperia, and is married to Hideyoshi Hashiba, one of Nobunaga's retainers. Her perfect link is Golbat, and she specializes in Poison and Flying types. Her quest is called "Teaching Them A Lesson."

Appearance Edit

Nene has very short auburn hair with a gold hairpin on the left side of her head that resembles a Golbat wing. She has bright hazel eyes. Nene wears a golden dress with two silver colored shoulder pads and gold gloves. She has fish-net style tights and knee-high boots.In her rank II form, she has two big gold hairpins on either side of her head, and her dress changes to gold and blue.

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