Viperia's interior
Viperia's Exterior
Vital statistics
Type Poison
Level 10-20
Location Eastern Ransei
Inhabitants Hideyoshi, Hanzo, NeNe

Viperia is a kingdom located in Eastern Ransei. It is the home of NeNe, Hanzo & Hideyoshi and its specialty is the Poison type.

Arena Edit

Viperia's arena consists of wooden floors, with trap doors in certain areas. The trap doors can get you closer to claiming the three banners. The first banner is on the leftmost side, the second in the middle, and the third on the rightmost side. There are large puddles of poison spewed on the floor that afflict the Poisoned or Badly Poisoned condition on Pokemon that are not Poison, Steel or Flying type, or who have the Levitate ability. There are also large water buckets to restore HP and clear up status conditions if stood on. The water buckets are often situated near the poison puddles.